New SmartVault Features!
SmartVault Print Driver
SmartVault Print Driver
With the SmartVault Print Driver, you can use the standard “Print” command in any Windows application to create a PDF and save it directly to SmartVault. This is a great feature for customers who want to print directly to the SmartVault Connected Desktop, the SmartVault Inbox or directly to the SmartVault Toolbar in QuickBooks. Learn more ››
Seasonal Worker License
To reduce costs and better serve accountants during tax season, short-term licenses can now be purchased for seasonal workers. Seasonal licenses are $60 per user and can be provisioned from now through April 30th from the ‘Manage Bill’ page in the SmartVault Portal. Learn more ››
New QuickBooks Reporting Tool
New QuickBooks Reporting Tool
Ensure that you’re always “audit ready”, with our new reporting tool for identifying transactions that don’t have backup documents attached. This is a quick way to check and make sure all transactions have documents attached in SmartVault. Learn more ››
Private Vaults, Custom Groups,
and Global Notification Settings
Get more granular control over security and access to SmartVault, to further enhance the usability of SmartVault within your firm and with your clients.
How to Create Private Vaults ››
Working with Custom Groups ››
Set Global Notifications ››
New Look for the SmartVault Portal
New Look for the SmartVault Portal
We’re underway with usability enhancements that will make SmartVault easier to use and navigate. These enhancements will be introduced in phases throughout the year and will be largely based on customer input. In this first phase, we’ve updated the icons in the SmartVault Portal to make them easier to identify and more intuitive to our users. Learn more ››
Improved “Print to SmartVault” Feature in Lacerte
Improved “Print to SmartVault” Feature in Lacerte
Intuit released an update for Lacerte that gives customers the ability to print to SmartVault from all print settings, as well as added new default options. Learn more ››
Additional usability enhancements include:
Ability to customize client name and preparer name in the email template
Ability to merge clients in the Connected Desktop
Ability to create engagements for TY2015 and sort the Client ID and Name in ascending or descending order.
Ability to delete clients from the Connected Desktop
We’ve added a ‘Rename’ option when you right-click a folder or file in the Connected Desktop
Clients and employees can now use hyphens (“-“) in their names for their SmartVault account
Custom groups now allow hyphens and Unicode characters in the group name
  Additional detail about this and prior releases can be found in
SmartVault Release Notes.
SmartVault Extended Support Hours
Beginning February 2, 2015, SmartVault will offer extended support hours to better serve our customers in their busiest season.
Busy Season Support Hours (February 2 – April 15, 2015)
Monday through Friday: 7 am – 7 pm Central Time
Saturday: 9 am – 2 pm Central Time
What’s Coming Next From SmartVault
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Introducing SmartVault Local – Coming Soon!
SmartVault will release a local storage option for customers who don’t want to store their documents online. This new capability will give customers the option of choosing where their files are stored; either locally (on-premise) or online, delivering a flexible solution to meet customer demands. SmartVault Local is expected to release in fall, 2015. Learn more ››
What We’re Working On…
More email templates
for sending out batch
emails to clients
Integration with new eSignature feature in Lacerte/ProSeries
More features in the Connected Desktop.
product manager   Meet our new
product manager!
SmartVault is excited to announce the newest addition to its team—Russell Banks. In his role as Senior Product Manager, Russell will provide strategic direction in the development of SmartVault. In addition to having successfully delivered products and services for accountants at Intuit over the past 13 years, Russell is also a CPA with previous consulting experience at Ernst & Young and KPMG. Read on ››